My name is Karen Jenner and I am now in my eleventh year of teaching at Passmores. My subject is English and I am also the tutor for L4 you will find us in U104. Although I am a Lion we are situated in Unicorn corridor! If you ever come to my classroom you will clearly see that Lions rule the way. Anyone is welcome in my classroom at any time. Students enjoy having both their break and lunch in this base. We make cups of tea and toast and lots of chats but it is all above board!
I am really proud of being part of the Lion House team. I enjoy participating in all the sports activities especially basketball they call me Michael Jordan but I am only 4 foot seven so not sure how that can be!

Could I please encourage all Lion parents to send in old postage stamps, mobile phones, Sainsbury’s vouchers and old ink cartridges we can gain Passmores Points for these items thank you.

If you have any worries or concerns, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find my email address on the website or phone the school and leave a message and I will phone you back.  I 'm afraid I am still not quite into the modern technology: I am trying to use Twitter more but I have to say it frightens me. A conversation with somebody is so much more pleasant and personal.

House Points