My name is Achia Begum and I am the Head of Creative Media and the Vocational Quality Nominee for Passmores Academy. My job is to assist, guide and encourage the students in L2 to achieve great things throughout the year and we are adamant L2 will shine!

Prior to joining Passmores, I have taught in colleges; therefore I have experience in teaching post 16 which I acquired over the last four years. This enables me to relate to Year 10 and 11 students on a young adult level which I think is important as this age as it can prove to be the toughest period in their lives so far.

As a form tutor I will work with our extended L2 family - the parents and carers of our young people - to ensure they are set for the days and weeks ahead. This includes making sure they have their equipment to tackle the day effectively as well as correct uniform and other expectations set by the school. Together, we are confident that we can set our students up for success and a great attitude to learning.

L2 are part of the past reigning seven year champions of Lion House, this year we hope to make them winners again! We have worked hard for many years to keep the winning streak strong and L2 have the ability to continue this pattern. We are competitive and caring for one another’s feelings; together we are a recipe for triumph.

Please let me know if you have any concerns for your child, I am happy to help at any time; remember, we are one big team and we are all working hard towards the same goal for your child.


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