Hello! My name is Mrs. Schultschik. Besides being a form tutor I have taught science at Passmores since 2005. My family is originally from Austria; however, I was raised in Switzerland. Being a parent of secondary-school-aged children myself I have a very good insight into how our young ones develop. In my free time I enjoy music (I sing and play the piano) and being outdoors. Fun fact: English is my third language; go ahead and guess the first two!

As form tutor, my role is to ensure all my students arrive to lessons prepared to learn. Therefore, I expect them to arrive to school on time every single day and carry all the necessary equipment with them. Most of all I aim to get students to lessons feeling emotionally prepared to learn.

I very rarely have to deal with students missing homework or behaving inappropriately; this is indeed exceptional behaviour. Dedication to hard work and focus on learning is the norm. My form group is – and they call themselves this – a beautiful, dysfunctional family: we are all a little different, all a little odd but actually help each other out enormously whenever needed and there is a genuine, established sense of care for each other. I am very proud of my tutees!

As form tutor I am generally the parent or carer's first point of contact with the school - with regards to any issue, whether organisational, concern, behaviour issue, praise or anything else. Do not hesitate to contact me.