Hi! My name is Mr. Williamson. Besides from being a form tutor I have taught history at Passmores since 2017. In my free time I like to play and watch sport and always push for pupils to get involved in sporting events and any extracurricular activities.

As form tutor, my role is to ensure all students arrive to lessons in a positive mindset ready to learn. Therefore, my expectations of them are high. I expect them to arrive on time every day and arrive to school with all equipment. I check equipment every day. I am extremely competitive and want to make my form the best form in the school. So, expectations are high.

I deal with any issues with behaviour around school and I take responsibility for pupils going to detentions. I try to make pupils feel that any issues they have in school they can come to me about and I strive to work closely with parents on all matters.

As form tutor I am generally the parent or carer's first point of contact with the school - with regards to any issue, whether organisational, concern, behaviour issue, praise or anything else. Do not hesitate to contact me.

My form group are a friendly, nice group of young people and I am very proud of my tutees and take an interest in every one of them.




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