My name is Jamie King and I am starting my first year at Passmores Academy as a PE teacher. I am a member of the Griffin house, which is something that I am very proud of.

G6JKG is my tutor group and we are passionate about achieving with the house. I encourage students to have high expectations of themselves with equipment and uniform, whilst participating in as many house activities as possible, which I hope is supported by parents and carers. The tutor group is like a little family who support and cherish the time we spend together in the mornings and afternoons.

My main passion is sport and I strive to succeed in anything I do, which is something I look to pass down to my form and house. Within the house, my role is to continue to ensure participation within PE related house activities and to be a success. I expect my tutor group to lead the way with house challenges this year & achieve as many Passmores points as possible. I will support my tutees as much as I can and if ever needed you can find me in PE or via email.

I will always aim to respond within 24 hours to any communications I receive. If I cannot answer your queries myself, I have no doubt that I will be able to get the answers from one of my colleagues.