My name is Karen Faulkes I am second in department for English and I am the very proud form tutor of G5. Griffin has not had a great deal of success at winning the overall trophy, but this is set to change! I love being a part of Griffin house. Firstly, my favourite colour is green, so I can have green accessories.

Secondly, we are the house that has the most fun. Whenever there is a chance for us to shine in dancing or chanting we always win, we just need to extend this to other house events this coming year.

I am passionate about reading and literature. I love reading new authors and I will always be happy to recommend books to others. I also love the theatre; Shakespeare plays are a particular favourite. The main sport that I follow is cricket, unfortunately I have never played it myself but luckily girls get to try a much wider range of sports nowadays.

You may think I’m biased, but my tutor group are the best. G5 are a lovely group of students who are lively, polite and supportive. We are all involved in school life and the best thing about them is their willingness to help each other, whether with practical guidance or moral support, there will always be someone who cares. Students in G5 are expected to have good attendance and punctuality because this leads to good learning. Appearance and organisation are also important; it is the expectation that students are wearing the correct uniform and have all of the equipment they need to start learning. However, the great news about this is that many Passmores Points can be earned just by doing the right thing.

Contacting me is easy, using my email address which you can find on this page. You can also telephone the school and I will get back to you. I look forward to working with your son/daughter in the academic year ahead, where I am sure Griffin will forge ahead.