My name is Val Neagus and I have been at the school forever (well, for a long time anyway!) In fact, I was a pupil at Passmores School many years ago…so teaching at Passmores Academy means I really do feel like part of a big family!

I’m Head of the Geography Department and I love my subject –it is all about the real world, and I love nothing more than a field trip to the coast or a day out with the pupils measuring rivers! In school, I hope that my enthusiasm comes across to my students, so that they in turn can learn to appreciate and understand the world around them.

I am a tutor to G4VNS. I am very fortunate to have been given such a lovely form class to be part of. Standards are high – equipment and uniform checks, attendance and punctuality are all key to success. However, the atmosphere within the form class is one of support, and together we embrace the house and school activities, having lots of fun along the way.