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The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory at Passmores and strictly enforced.  School uniform promotes a positive attitude and sense of belonging to the school and a suitable image in the eyes of the wider community.


The uniform consists of:
  • Navy Blazer with a school badge
  • Plain dark grey trousers/skirt (of respectable length - see separate powerpoint below for exemplification)
  • Plain white shirt/blouse with a collar and sleeves
  • Plain dark grey, black or navy socks or tights
  • Black leather shoes (with black laces) are to be of a sensible style, for school use - no trainers are permitted
  • School tie
  • Outdoor coats should be plain navy or black, sensible and suitable for school (no ‘hoodies’, leather, denim or ‘combat’ coats are allowed).
The school badge and tie can be purchased directly from the school.
It is preferable that no jewellery is worn for safety and security reasons.  However, a watch, one ring and a sleeper/stud if the ear is pierced would be the maximum allowed. No facial piercing is allowed at Passmores.
Students are required to wear their lanyard and personal access card at all times around their necks unless specifically told to remove them by a member of staff.
PE uniform consists of:
  • White polo shirt with logo and blue trim
  • Plain navy games shorts (short, not to the knee length)
  • Training shoes (with non-marking soles)
  • White PE socks
  • Navy football socks
  • Royal blue rugby shirt
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (optional)


Suppliers: Create Identitee

Telephone: 01279 456016

Unit 18,
Greenway Business Centre,
CM19 5QE
TEL: 01279 456016
FAX: 01279 456017


Hair must be of a natural colour. Any form of tramline, shaved parting or design and dip-dying are not allowed. Grade 2 is the shortest length of hair allowed.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not allowed in circulation with incorrect hair or uniform.

Clothing in the Technology and Expressive Arts faculties.

Students will be provided with aprons where this necessary for both Technology and Art.
Students are not allowed to wear trainers in the Resistant Materials and Electronics classrooms. If students are wearing trainers on any occasion when they are timetabled to have Resistant Materials or Electronics they will not be allowed to take part in the lesson.
A guide to help show what makes for acceptable and not acceptable uniform is attached below.
If you have any questions about uniform at any time please direct them in the first instance to your child's tutor.
In addition to the local supplier Create Identitee, appropriate skirts can also be purchased online from http://www.uniform-direct.com/acatalog/School_Skirts.html