My name is Stephanie Henderson and I am in my second year of teaching English at Passmores Academy. I love working at Passmores because the staff and students are so friendly and no question is too silly to ask.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all my tutees to Griffin House and our tutor group G3. Our form is full of kind, helpful, organised and ambitious young people who are keen to do well in their studies and their best for Griffin House. I aim to be a listening ear for your child and yourself and is your child’s first port of call with any issues they need resolving or questions they may have about school.

Throughout the academic year there are a multitude of house activities such as poetry competitions, spelling bees, and the school sporting events. My hope is that members of G3 feel that tutor time is a safe and welcoming place but also feel inspired to dream big and achieve the impossible.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or concerns you may have. I can be contacted via reception by phone or alternatively by e-mail at s.henderson@passmoresacademy.com . My room is U103 which can be found in the Unicorn wing on the first floor at the beginning of the corridor.