My name is Kristina Saunders and I have been a member of dragon since I started at Passmores three years ago. I started at Passmores as a co educator and transitioned over to the teaching staff last year.

I am a computer science teacher and I’ve also been lucky enough to teach Real Projects & I-Future this year!

I now have the absolute pleasure of being a tutor for none other than D6!  They are a fantastic bunch, who put a smile on my face every morning! This is a new role to me but I am so happy I’ve embarked on this adventure with such a fantastic group.

I am very competitive and always want our form to do the best for Dragon House! I am here to provide support and to be a ‘go to’ person for anyone in my form: my main goal is to encourage students to do their very best so they can get the best out of their school career.