Welcome to Dragon 5.

My name is Emma Jameson and I have had the pleasure of being a member of Dragon house since I started teaching at Passmores a few years ago. I am Head of Food and Nutrition which is part of the D&T department and can always be found in the Technology wing of our fantastic school. Each morning Dragon 5 register in D105.

I believe that tutor time is an extremely important part of the day for the entire form group. It helps to give the students a positive start to their school day and the opportunity to mix with people from other year groups that they may not normally have the opportunity to speak to. I am very privileged to have such a fantastic and lively form that always support each other through all aspects of school life. We pride ourselves on working hard both as individuals and as part of a team to be the best that we possibly can be.

Our form are a friendly bunch and full of characters, each with their own individual traits. The one thing we all have in common though is that we are all very proud to be part of Dragon House. This year we are going to do all we can to win back the House ‘Champions’ trophy again,as we were very proud winners last year.