Hello and a very warm welcome to the best tutor group in Dragon, D4!

My name is Bev Peters and I am a very proud Dragon!  I live locally to Harlow and have taught in Harlow for eighteen years. Last year, I decided to join the Passmores family – the best move I could have made in terms of my happiness and enjoyment of my teaching and tutoring roles!

As well as being the tutor of Dragon 4, I also teach English here at Passmores Academy.  D4 are based in my English room, U101, where you will find me for the majority of the school day. I became the form tutor of D4 last September and worked alongside Mr Shine for the first couple of weeks. It was probably difficult for all of us when Mr Shine left us but we are getting to know each other very well now. Dragon 4 are consistently the best group for points, attendance, punctuality and, quite simply, gorgeousness!

I see my main role as a form tutor as ensuring that all of my tutees are prepared for every school day so that they can get the most out of their time here at Passmores. I aim to create a friendly, relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable and relaxed so that they can start and finish the day in a positive frame of mind. Most importantly for D4, I would like my tutees to feel that they can come to me with any problem – big or small – and that I can help support them or get them the support they need.

Being part of D4 comes with some responsibilities and expectations. I expect all of my tutees to work hard to represent Dragon house to the best of our ability, both academically and in the house events. We regularly smash the house challenges by having the required school equipment and an impeccable standard of uniform. I expect all of my tutees to represent Dragon house throughout the year in the various house competitions and house events. If sports is not your forte, do not worry as there are many non-sporting events that you can compete in and earn Dragon some valuable points to ensure we retain the 'House Champions' trophy at the end of the year.

As a student, parent or carer please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or queries and remember Dragons, "we can and we will"!


House Points