Welcome to D1!

My name is Marcus Hunt and I am the form tutor for D1. I am a Design and Technology teacher, specialising in resistant materials and industrial design. 

I have been a member of the Passmores family for a large part of my life, originally being a student and now back as a teacher. I am proud to be able to work closely with the students of D1 helping them overcome any barriers to both their learning and wellbeing.

Each day starts with D1 gathering together and I feel that these morning tutorials are extremely important for providing pupils with a focused and positive start. I expect a lot from my form, especially when it comes to punctuality, uniform and equipment checks. I am sure that all of my tutees will live up to my high expectations and do their best for Dragon house.

I am a competitive individual and I expect every tutee to take part in form and house activities, as I believe it is the taking part that is most important. As a tutor at Passmores I want to ensure that everyone in my form achieves their full potential.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on my school email address or through the school phone number if you have any concerns or queries